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Are you always getting turned down by women and have no clue why? You walk away from a woman feeling rejected and embarrassed, not truly understanding where you went wrong. Josh Pellicer's The Tao of Badass will help you understand and fix these issues and make you a true babe magnet.

You walk up to a woman and look her up and down. She looks you up and down and then turns around and walks away without even glancing back at you. Standing there confused, your friend just did the same thing 10 minutes prior and it worked like a charm for him. Your buddies all look away when you look at them, and you feel like a jerk. The magazines that you have at home told you that it would work, everything you read online has never worked. It feels like every guy has a secret that you're just not privy to. That just might be the case.

Magazines, movies, and online articles all give "tips on picking up women" and truthfully only about 10% of them actually work...if you're lucky. Some online videos show you how to look at a woman, how to stand while speaking to them and so on and so forth. There really has never been a tried and true way to break into the complex mind of a woman and find out exactly what it is that they want, until now. Someone has cracked the ever so secret code that men have been trying to crack since well, forever. His name is Josh Pellicer and his "Attract Women Crash Course" is pretty genius.

The key points to his course are simple:

  • No effort, all you have to do is read the steps and then put them into action.
  • Empowering, having hot women fall for you every day gives you a sense of power and confidence. Having more confidence lands more ladies.
  • The Ultimate Badass Solution, tested and loved, by thousands of guys.

Josh figured out this simple formula when his girlfriend at the time kicked him out of his own house for 3 nights because her father was coming to town and he did not know about Josh. So he slept in his car. Well, he didn't really sleep at all. He picked up his old psychology book and started reading and stumbled upon this formula that he decided to put to the test. The first and second women wanted none of it, but the third fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

It starts off with stating the BIG LIE. The lies that the media would have men believe about what women really want from guys. Women don't want money, muscles, hair, or good looks. What women actually want is all based on pre-selection. All women have a filter mechanism that filters out the weak and undesirable men. Basically they want what other women have. Josh states that women are like fish, women fish look for the brightest male as a mate. If there happens to be 2 males of the same brightness all the females mate with the 1 male. The course also contains a recipe for sex that all women will fall for, as well as an inside look at the 4 step process women have before they decide to sleep with a man and how to take her through it quickly. You will also learn about the 3 tests that women secretly put men through, that most fail, and you will learn how to pass with flying colors. And so much more.

There are some key techniques that you will be grateful to have learned. Here is a sample of just a few.

  • The Mouth Technique- Find out how looking at her mouth by-passes a woman's logical brain and all she will be thinking about is sleeping with you.
  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Qualifier- How to get under the radar word for word and how to turn any woman into your own personal sex slave.
  • The Make out Technique- There is a simple phrase that will make any woman you want lean in for a kiss after hearing it.
  • Instant Dominance- When you want a woman to be submissive, you will have all the knowledge to do it with ease.

Verdict: Knowing how to flirt, how to read body language, how to read a woman's eye movements - these techniques alone can make for exciting times, but match them with all the other tips and tricks you will find in this course and you will be unstoppable.

Which system is best? Our choice is The Tao of Badass
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